Entrance Doors

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Aluminum Storefront Doors

Service, repair and replacement in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New West, Delta, North Shore and Tri Cities;

- aluminum door pivots

- aluminum door reinforcement hinges

- emergency egress hardware

- steel door hinge replacement

- steel door reinforcement hinges

- hydraulic closers 

- bottom sweeps and rodent barrier brush seal


Metal Doors


Standard Series

Standard lockseam door for use in light duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty applications.

    -Available in 20 ga., 18 ga. and 16 ga.
    -Available with pre-expanded paper honeycomb, polystyrene or polyisocyanurate cores
    -Available with labeling up to 3 hours with UL, ULC and WHI
    -Building Code compliant
    -Available in sizes up to 3'0 x 10'0 or 4'0 x 9'0
    -Available with a wide range of glass lights and louvers

Heavy Duty Series

Heavy Duty Series Doors

When security and lasting performance are required.  Designed to withstand the wear and tear of high abuse areas as well as high security applications.

Constructed using interlocking steel stiffeners that are welded to each face of the door at 6" centers. Voids are filled with fiberglass insulation and then the edges are continuously welded for the maximum in durability and security.

    -Available in 16 ga., 14 ga. and 12 ga.
    -20 ga. interlocking stiffeners spot welded to door faces
    -Available with labels up to 3 hours with UL, ULC, WHI
    -Available in any size
    -Available with a wide range of glass lights and louvres


    -Extra deep end channels at the top and bottom of the door for lasting integrity
    -High frequency hinge reinforcing which outperform standard or 3/16" hinge reinforcing
    -Dimpled hinge reinforcing for easy conversion from standard weight hinges to heavy weight hinges
    -Closer Reinforcing in all doors
    -All interior components made with galvanneal steel
    -Level 'A' grade in accordance with ANSI A 151.1 test


Entrance Door Hardware

Hydraulic Closers

door closer
commercial door closer

We carry an assortment of door closers to suite the application including extreme traffic and barrier free

Security Hardware

security hardware 
door security

We supply and install all types of security hardware

Door Seals


We supply and install most types of door seals including bottom and perimeter weather seals.  Having a problem with rodents entering your facility?  Well, we have a solution for that too.

Butt Hinges

butt hinge
door hinge
commercial door hinge

We stock all types and sizes of butt hinges from zinc to stainless and hi traffic ball bearing


aluminum door pivots
door pivot

Have a problem with your storefront door dragging or rubbing on the frame? We have the solution

Specialty Hinges

reinforcing hinge
specialty hinge
commercial hinge

We install custom reinforcement hinges to fix problematic doors once and for all